Quick Fix Cleaning Checklist

“Our realtor just called and someone is coming to view our house in 15 minutes!” 

Oh, perfect
Okay, it’s never really THAT bad (except the one time that it was). But ever since we put our house up for sale, it does seem like people always come to check out our house on days where we barely made it out the door with our clothes and car keys. 
I especially hate getting those calls at work. All I can think about is how many dishes I left piled up in the sink or how the dirty laundry basket is overflowing into the rest of our closet. 
It can be really stressful having people walking through your house. Knowing that they’re opening every cabinet and closet. Looking. Staring. Judging.

Luckily, most potential buyers give about a day’s notice to get your house in decent shape. Here is a 15-20 Minute Checklist that I put together for those last minute notifications:
-All trash / recycling out
-Run / unload dishwasher (wash dishes)
-Clear off / straighten all surfaces*
(counter, desk, dresser, shelves, table)
-Make all beds
-Spray and wipe down counters/sinks
-Clean bathtubs and toilets
-Dust surfaces 
-Sweep / Swiffer / Vacuum floors

This is a super quick, last minute checklist of the major things that NEED to be done before the house is presented to potential buyers. Just do the best that you can… Something is better than nothing! 
Also, if some things in the house don’t seem to “belong” anywhere, do not cram it into a closet or drawer! People will look there! Believe me, they will even check the washer and dryer. 
If you must (and I definitely have… more than once), throw all of your “homeless” items into the trunk of your car and take them with you! 
At least you’ll already have them one step closer to Goodwill 🙂 

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