What I Wish I Knew Before Registering

In honor of my upcoming 2 year (!) wedding anniversary, here are 5 things that I wish I had known before registering…

1. Registry checklists were apparently created in the days of Mad Men, 
when people cared about having a nicer gravy boat than their neighbors. Do not copy and paste one from a wedding planning book/magazine and treat it as gold like I did. I mean, why did I register for a food processor when I don’t even cook? Because the book said so.
2. You can register on Amazon. 
PLEASE! Why didn’t I know this?! Amazon would have made my life SO much easier! Gift cards could have literally been applied to anything… Plus, I don’t think we would have felt so rushed to purchase things with our gift cards right after the wedding.
3. It takes a while to get a sense of your couple “style”. 
D and I both knew what our individual styles were. My east Memphis studio looked like a charming little Paris apartment. He had… well, he had hand-me-down furniture from his old roommates and… a Fight Club poster hanging in his living room. Clearly, we had to meet somewhere in the middle. While we were registering, we (I) didn’t really consider what we (I) wanted the overall syle of our home to be. And we (I) made some hideous home decor choices (Red curtains with white lining? Yeah, I did that). Sit down and make a plan for your whole house prior to getting your hands on that scanner gun.
4. Listen. 
For whatever reason, men are able to think really clearly in the midst of a lot of excitement. Women, however… whatever. Anyway, I was so busy checking items off of my Knot registry checklist that I completely ignored Derek when he kept saying, “When are we ever going to use that?”. I mean, obviously, we’re going to use it during all of those huge, elaborate dinner parties that we’ll be throwing in our 1,255 square foot house. I should have listened. I should have used my common sense. But… wedding magazine.
5. Leave room for improvement. 
Don’t register for anything too huge or permanent unless you are absolutely sure that you will be in love with it for at least the next 10 years! Don’t run out and spend all of your gift cards right away. Save some things to be done in the future, once you know what you forgot to register for.
Do you have any registry wisdom to add to this list?

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