Post-It Assignment Book

So, I’ve talked before about how I write down my study plan in my planner’s daily view section.
That’s how I start my work each week. 
Well, here is how I actually finish that work each week 
…And, of course, it involves Post-It’s 🙂 
I have a small notebook that I use specifically for staying on track with assignments. 
In it, I take a page and divide it into 6 tiny Post-It-sized boxes. 
This is my week. 
Then I break down the tiny tasks that I need to complete to finish my assignments.
(Things like: “cite sources”; “print copies”; “research”)
This helps me keep up with all of those small tasks that aren’t quite important enough to make it into a planner. 
This also really helps me with time management. 
Each day, I devote 90 minutes to accomplishing these tasks. 
If I don’t get to/finish a specific task, I just add it to the next day’s list. 
The Post-It’s are helpful for two reasons:
1. They help me see what needs to be done every day to complete projects.
2. They make it super easy for me to change things around if I need to. 
(Okay, three reasons)
3. They make me happy. 
Don’t forget that day “off” to tie up loose ends, finalize projects, and just feel like a normal human being for a day 🙂 
What ways do you use to keep your small tasks organized?! 

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