Color-Coded Calendar System

My calendar is basically the #1 thing that keeps me going when things get busy. 

I keep everything together by color-coding the different events in my life so I can kind of keep up with the who, what, where that will take place during my week.
Here it is:
Pink —> School
Of course, school is pink and pink is school because pink is the happiest of all the colors. And school is… well, not the happiest of all the things. So, I like to trick myself into being happy. Plus, pink is clearly the most noticeable color for me.
Purple —> Personal
There isn’t really a reason for purple being personal (other than the fact that they both start with P). I never used to schedule personal things in my calendar (like hair and dentist appointments). Anything for myself always took a backseat to school and social events. But you know what? I realized that was causing me to feel stressed, so here it is… my personal time scheduled right into my planner!
Blue —> Friends/Family
Blue is the most calming of the colors. And hanging out with the people you love (and who love you) is calming. I use this to write in things like brunch with my parents, happy hour with my best friend, and even to keep track of my husband’s days off (because they are always changing). This is another one of those things that doesn’t feel as important as work or school… but it definitely is!

Green —> Work
Green is the color of productivity. Therefore, it seems like the perfect color to use for work schedules and events. Since my schedule pretty much stays the same from week to week, I just use this to write in things like after-school meetings, parties, open houses, etc. 
Orange —> Deadlines
Orange is kind of in-your-face, alarming color. And deadlines are kind of in-your-face, alarming dates. I use this for bill due dates, paper due dates, and anything else that I might have to have completed by a specific date in time.

And there it is. My color-coded calendar system.

Oh, by the way, the pens that I use are called Cosmo by The Write Dudes and they come in a 5-pack of assorted colors from Target. 🙂

Do you have a special way for keeping track of your time? 
What do you use and how do you do it?! 

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