3 Ways to Enhance Your Focus

This is not the easiest. In fact, it’s pretty dang hard to stay focused. Especially at my house. 

And especially at my house during football season. Sunday afternoons and Monday nights involve my husband pacing back and forth in our living room, periodically yelling at the television “because they need to hear it” (actual quote). Plus, we live in the south, so Saturday afternoons aren’t any different. 
And now THURSDAY night football? Are you freaking kidding me, NFL? It’s not like I need a quiet night to get stuff done or anything. 
Here are some tricks that I have devised to help drown out a distracting environment of any sort.
1. Privacy
First of all, it helps to have someplace to go. Luckily we have a spare bedroom that’s been converted to an office. Creating some type of barrier/distance between you and the distraction(s) is #1. 
In undergrad, I even went as far as to put those huge gun-range ear-muff things on my ears to block out noisy roommates (okay, they were my parents). 
Hey, whatever it takes. 
2. Environment
So, I’m just really big into creating environments that enhance productivity anyway. But I am 100% convinced that this is IMPERATIVE for a study space! It needs to be lovely and practical. 
If it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be able to accomplish anything there. And if it isn’t appealing to you, you’ll never want to spend any time there. 
So make it pretty and organized! 

3. Time Limit/Challenge
Finally, there is never going to be the perfect “study day” where everyone gets together and says: “Hey, let’s be perfectly quiet today so she can get her schoolwork finished”. I know because I have been waiting for this day since I was 18. And that’s fine because guess what? 
It creates a challenge. Set a time limit and challenge yourself to meet it.
Challenges always force me to focus!
And if all else fails, just go to the campus library! 🙂 
How do you get (and keep) your focus for projects? 
Anything I should add to the list? 

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