Road Trip Survival Kit {The Southern Belle Version}

When you hear “survival kit” your mind may think of such things such as spare tires and jumper cables. But let me tell you, we are talking about something way more important here!

This is a survival kit for MAINTAINING A DECENT APPEARANCE during road trips! 

“But that is virtually impossible” you may say. Yes, I feel that way, too.

I don’t know what it is about traveling that makes me feel (look) like I’ve been in a 5-day Red Bull binge. I mean, my hair that was perfectly voluminous and curled when we left is now limp and scraggly. My clothes are all wrinkly. And my makeup. Oh, my makeup. I could easily be confused for something in the raccoon family.

But worst of all? Oh, that would be the irritability level which piques at 4 hours YET seems to steadily increase (how?) with each passing moment.
Well, I am a firm believer in the philosophy of “If you LOOK good, you FEEL good” so here is a checklist for maintaining your appearance (and, therefore, sanity) on road trips: 
1. Water. 
I know that sometimes we try to avoid drinking water in order to cut down on stops BUT let me warn that this is the quickest way to feel run down and overall wretched. Bring some water and drink it towards the end to refresh yourself!
2. Listerine Strips. 
Unfortunately, brushing your teeth in the car is not yet a possibility. For an obsessive teeth brushers like me (I seriously brush mine 3, 4, 5 or more times a day), this is very stressful and Listerine Strips are amazing!

3. Neutrogena Face Wipes.
You know that incredibly awesome feeling that comes after you wash your face and you feel all clean and amazing?! Well, these are pretty dang close. 

4. Primer & Mascara. 
I freaking love primer! It hides so much. This is quicker and simpler than slathering on a bunch off makeup right before you check into your room just to wash it all off again. And obviously, mascara makes all the difference in the world. 
5. Deodorant. 
I mean, it’s the closest thing to a shower that’s possible in the car. And after hours of being in a car, reapplying it is probably one of the best feeling things ever.

These items work for long flights, too!

And when you arrive at your destination, you’ll look {and feel} as charming as ever! 🙂

I know I probably left a ton of things off this list. 
Feel free to add them below! 

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