Best Planners for 2014

Oh my gosh! There are no words to describe how happy this makes me! 
I have been obsessed with planners since I was about 5 years old and inherited someone’s old planner to “play with”. What kind of 5-year-old gets excited about a planner, you may ask? The same kind that grows up to write a blog on time management and study skills. 
I can’t even introduce this anymore. Without further delay… 
Here are my favorite planners for 2014!


Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life Planner

What it Includes:

Choice of 2 Types of Weekly Cleaning Worksheets (Cleaning Checklist or Cleaning Schedule)

Master Cleaning List (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Yearly)

12 Months of Pre-Dated Calendar Pages

Weekly Meal Plan Worksheet


A Daily Checklist

Why I Think it’s Awesome:

The Weekly View also has a space for Meal Planning (7 days: BreakfastLunchDinner for each)

It includes blank printables for a cleaning system 
(and a pre-planned, Suggested Cleaning System for those of us who are *ahemchallenged)

The Daily Checklist is broken up into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening for easy scheduling

You can bundle the Planner Printables and eBook for $9.97 (which is a pretty great deal)

You can choose between two different sizes (8.5″ x 11″ size or a 5.5″ x 8.5”)

Where to Buy it:


Everyday Enchanting Customizable Planner

What it Includes:

Editable Title Page

2014 Year-At-A-Glance Calendar

Weekly Page Views with Editable Fields

Monthly Page views with Editable Fields

Additional Mix & Match Planner Pages including Contacts, Special Dates, Notes, Personal Information, and even a Weekly Blog Planning page ($3 each). 

Why I think it’s awesome:

Each date has 2 editable fields for daily activities like class schedules, homework assignments, meal planning, to-do lists, workout routines… whatever you want to accomplish in the new year!

It’s editable, which means you can type in (and color code) your own important dates

It’s an instant download, which means you don’t have to wait for anything to ship

The pages also include lots of room for jotting down reminders and notes

The format is colorful, clean, and simple

Where to Buy it:


Maybooks Planner

What it Includes:

Custom Cover

Sewn Binding

 5×8 book

80 Pages

Why I Think it’s Awesome:

You can choose the page format you want (Months + WeeksMonths + DotsNon-Dated Weeks)

Everything is customizable: Colors, Cover, Fonts, Page Formats, Type of Book… everything

Lightweight and easy to carry in your purse

You can see two weeks at a time

Clean, simple layout

Where to Buy it:

Erin Condren Life Planner 

What it Includes:

Bound-In Ziplock Pocket that comes with 12 Gift Labels

Monthly and Weekly Page Views

240 Color-Coded Event Stickers

Snap-In Page Holder/Ruler

Laminated Monthly Tabs

“Special Dates” Pages

Double-Sided Folder

Inspirational Quotes

Daily List Section

Laminated Cover

Notes Section

Contacts Page

Why I Think it’s Awesome:

The way the days are laid out (Morning, Afternoon, Night) keeps you from overbooking yourself

It is completely customizable, from the cover to the colors, you can make it everything you want

The list at the bottom of each day is great for workout routines, school assignments, menus, etc.

The folder and ziplock pockets make it easy to keep up with tickets, receipts, notes, labels, etc.

The laminated tabs make it easy to plan ahead quickly.

Where to Buy it:


New planner season is like Christmas all over again for this girl! 🙂
Which one is your favorite? Have you seen any other awesome planners that I’ve missed? 

(PS- All of these photos are straight from the manufacturers’ websites!)

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