NYNL Day 3: 30 Things to Improve

Hello! And welcome to New Year. New Life. We are completing 31 days of mini-challenges in order to set more substantial life goals for the future!
{If you are reading this for the first time, you can check out what it’s all about here}
If you are returning from yesterday, you should have a written (and somewhat detailed) 10-year plan. 
Hold on to that. We aren’t ready for it quite yet. 
Today’s challenge is super easy:
We are going to make a list of 30 things that we want to improve in our lives.
This could be a messy basement/ room/ closet in your house, it could be you hitting snooze 34 times before you actually get out of bed, it could be skipping breakfast/prayer time/ the gym. Absolutely WHATEVER in your life you want to improve in the future!

For me, this list was so easy that once I started, I found it hard to stop. But stop at 30!

Here are some examples from my list:

Wasting time online
Sleeping in (till 6) in the morning
Being “too busy” to workout
Having too many clothes to keep clean
Not spending time with my dogs
Praying instead of worrying
Doing correct yoga (centering)
Writing consistently
Breakfast every morning
Prioritizing people (over self & grades)

Don’t get discouraged by this! These are just things from everyday life that could be done better!

And things can always be done better. 🙂

In other news, I just added one more to my list: Stop hoarding notebooks from Target.

Why? Because I literally spent the past 15 minutes looking through each page of each notebook to see where I wrote this list. 
When will I ever learn?

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