NYNL Day 6: Keep Getting Better

Day 6! We are almost through the first week! And I am so excited about that!
If you’ve been reading this for the past 6 days- THANK YOU! I really hope that it’s helpful! I am so encouraged by the comments, messages, and pins! So really… thank you!!
For day 6, we are going to categorize and prioritize the items on the list of things to improve. 

Luckily, this if fairly easy because of what we did yesterday! Look back at the list of things to improve; it should be fairly easy to see how they fit together with the things that you are already doing well. This is because the things on both lists are things that are important to YOU! And when something is important to us, we always to improve it, and get better and better. We want to be better students, professionals, parents, friends, etc. 

And that’s awesome for us because it means that we are self motivated! So, having things that you want to improve does not mean that you are bad at those things… in fact, it means that you care enough to keep getting better at them for the sake of everyone that you impact! 
And this world could definitely use some more people who care enough to become really great at something. Agreed? 🙂
{By the way, if you are reading this series for the first time, you can check out what it’s all about here}

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