NYNL Day 11: How to Write Achievable Goals

When writing goals, it is important that they are Specific and Measurable.
Today, also make sure that your goals are Achievable/Attainable. 
Is it possible?
Have others done it successfully?
Will it challenge you without defeating you?
Do you have (or can you develop) the necessary skills, abilities, and resources to accomplish it? 
(By the way, these questions are taken from an actual goal-setting questionnaire developed for employers)
I am definitely not saying to minimize your goals or dreams for your future! Not at all! But make sure that the goals are realistic for your life. I mean, let’s be honest: a trip to the Moon or a hike up Mt. Everest probably aren’t going to happen for most of us in the next decade (or ever).
But getting into the school of your choice, going for that internship you really want, landing your dream job, moving to another city (or country), starting your own business? All totally achievable!

(with a plan, obviously).

{If you are reading this series for the first time… Start here: Day 1}

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