NYNL Day 12: Make Goals Results-Focused

Well, a goal isn’t much good without an awesome final result, right? I mean, otherwise what would be the point? That’s where we are today!
We have made our goals: 
And now, we are on the letter R! (yay!)
Setting Results-Focused Goals.

What is the reason, purpose, benefit of accomplishing this goal? 
What is the final result of the goal? 

Goals should relate to the “big picture”.

So, this is basically just the big idea. For example, one of my big life goals was to be living in our permanent house within 10 years. What all will have to happen between here and there? 
Ugh. More like what won’t have to happen? 
We will have to finish school, sell our current house, probably move into an apartment (which means find new homes for our dogs *sniff* *sniff*), get jobs in Charleston, probably move into another apartment there, decide which part of town we want to buy in, save some money, look at houses, buy a house, renovate it, and finally… move in.
OMG. Exhausting, right?
Luckily, Results-Focused goals should measure outcomes, not activities. 
So, a Results-Focused goal looks more like this:
In 2024, will live in a home that we can renovate to fit our needs in a city that we love!

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! 🙂 

{If you are reading this series for the first time, you can check out what it’s all about here}

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