NYNL Day 14: Checklist for Writing Goals

So, this completes week 2 and I am already feeling so much better about my own goals! Like, really a lot better. I’m not constantly freaking out about my future (well, at least not as much as I usually am). Not only that, I am taking more ACTION on a daily basis in order to stick to the timelines that I’ve set for myself. 
Okay, this day is basically just a checklist to make sure that we’ve hit all of the steps of how to WRITE goals that are actually substantial enough to stick to for the future. By the way… all those people who made “resolutions” for the New Year (you know, the ones who tried to start or stop something cold turkey… with no PLAN?) are already starting to break them. 
It’s true. I saw it on Facebook.
Here is the Week 2 Checklist:
1. Reevaluate 10-Year Plan
Read over the original 10-year plan, have a good laugh about its ridiculousness, then rewrite the parts that sound superficial.

2. Are the goals Specific?
Take the giant, broad, vague “goals” from the 10-year plan and turn them into really specific statements that include how, what, and why.

3. Are the goals Measurable?
Create a criteria for measuring each and every goal.

4. Are the goals realistically Achievable?
Be sure that you have all of the skills, resources, and abilities (or that you can acquire them) needed to accomplish each goal.

5. Are the goals Results-Based?
What is the end result, accomplishment, achievement of each goal? After all, we don’t have time to work on things that won’t produce results.

6. Are the goals Time-Bound?
Create a time frame for each goal. It should be long enough to actually accomplish it but short enough to motivate you to get started!

Okay, one more thing…

Do the goals use Positive Language?
Basically, you want to give yourself something to do… not something to not do. My 2013 resolution was to Stop Worrying (which clearly didn’t happen). But… I mean, that’s so vague and negative;
No wonder it didn’t happen.

Maybe something like this would have worked better:
Have a more positive attitude by re-focusing my mind on the good things that might happen rather than the bad ones. 

Check, check, check, check, check, check, and… check! 🙂 

{If you are reading this series for the first time, you can check out what it’s all about here}

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