NYNL Day 15: Create a Halfway Point

Y’all, we are (finally) getting to my favorite part: THE PLANNING! And I absolutely LOVE to have a plan! We are also halfway through this series. And what better way to celebrate than by creating a halfway point for each of our goals (there is no better way).
Today, take each of your big life goals and create a halfway point for it.

Here’s an easy example: 
Big Goal —> Complete a marathon in 10 years
Halfway Point —> Complete a half marathon in 5 years

It literally could not get any easier than that. 
Here’s another example:
Big Goal —> Complete a nursing program in 5 years
Halfway Point —> Have half of the program work finished in 2.5 years
Okay, one more:
Big Goal —> Lose 20 pounds in 2 years
Halfway Point —> Lost 10 pounds in 1 year

*Warning: The Halfway Crisis*
So, these halfway points are pretty easy but you ever noticed how halfway through something, you feel depleted, exhausted, hopeless, where you feel like you have completely quit caring about a project (hello, Midterms!)? Actually, that’s 100% normal: This research study found that our motivation is U-shaped, starting high at the beginning and getting high again as we near the end. But motivation actually does plummet right when we’re in the middle of our progress! 
Discouraging, right? Don’t worry because we are going to make a plan to beat the Midway Motivation Meltdown
And don’t go Googling that term because I totally just made it up 🙂


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