NYNL Day 16: Overcoming the Halfway Point

Well, today is the halfway point for this series. Actually, maybe it was yesterday. Either way, we’re pretty much in the middle. Eek! The halfway point! We’ve done all this work and written all of these things and read all of these posts (riiiight?) and we’re only HALF WAY finished?
And think of all the halfway points that are challenging:
Midterms, Halftime, Workouts, Distance Running, Essay Writing, Lunch Breaks, Roadtrips…
It kind of seems like no matter what it is that we’re doing, we start out so motivated and ready! We work hard for a long time. But when the realization that all that work put in has only gotten us halfway to where we’re going, we kind of lose our momentum. 
This is the most dangerous part for any project and it is important to know how to defeat it! Obviously, not for the sake of this series because I’ll never know if you completed it or not (unless you tell me). It is important because it will happen when you realize you are halfway to your BIG GOALS!
Here 3 the ways to overcome the Midway Motivation Meltdown! 
1. Look back at what you’ve already accomplished.
For example, check out this one of all of the things that we have accomplished through this series: 
Thought about a 10-year plan
Created a 10-year plan
Recognized 30 things we would like to improve in our lives
Recognized 30 things we do really well
Narrowed down our life themes
Prioritized the things we would like to improve
Reevaluated our 10-year plans
Made our goals more specific
Determined how we will measure them
Ensured that they are attainable
Made them results-focused
Given them timelines!
That’s kind of encouraging, right? This is why TRACKING progress is such a huge deal! For school, I look back through my planner at all of the things that are highlighted in pink. If I’ve come this far… I can finish strongly, too! 
2. Only focus on the next baby step.
Sometimes, when I’m working on a large project, I make the mistake of writing my to-do list like this:
Write Unit on Time Telling. That’s my list. So, after I’ve researched activities to do in class, looked up materials to use, linked it to whatever other educational standards we are working on at that time, and merged it with at least one other subject… I realize that I’m only halfway finished because I still have to WRITE the dang thing! Break down the remainder of your goal and make a list of each and every tiny thing to be done. Marking those off will give 
3. Give yourself a break.
I do this pretty often right around the middle of the semester. I am over it. Like, completely. I don’t want to read another e-mail, or write another discussion, or review another syllabus, or (I can’t believe I’m saying this) even look at my planner. When I get like that, I know that there is NO point in trying to force myself to work. I give myself a day (or several) to feel like something other than a student. I know it won’t be long before I feel motivated to do what I love again… but let yourself have a break. You deserve it!
So… take a break or whatever you need and get prepared to do some awesome planning tomorrow (or whenever you feel un-over it)! 🙂 
How do you keep yourself motivated in the middle of tough projects?

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