NYNL Day 20: Designate a Monthly Goal

Now we have a plan for how to keep up with our checklists. AND we’ve spent all of our money buying the supplies to organize it all (oh, maybe that was just me).
Today’s Mini-Challenge: Designate one primary goal for each month!
Here is the way that I did it:
I looked at where I want to be one year from now. Then, I kind of dedicated every month this year to helping me accomplish one aspect of that plan. 
I know that sounds confusing so here’s an example:
One year from now, we want to be out of this house. So I’ve chosen the whole month of January to focus on getting our house ready to sell. The repairs, the staging, the realtors, the downsizing, the storing… everything it takes to get a house ready for the market is taking top priority. Sure, I’m still working towards my other goals… But the house is #1 right now.
Next month, I’ll need to start getting ready for (even more) certification exams for my career, so that will take top priority over thing else. 
In March, mid-terms and a huge project are due right before Sprig Break (of course they are)… So schoolwork will move to my top priority.
Eventually, I will accomplish those things and rotate through my big goals again. April may be dedicated to packing up our home (hopefully!), May will undoubtedly be dedicated to finals, June to cover letters and resumes, and on and on…
Of course, you can work on your goals however you choose. It just works best for me to see each new month dedicated to a new goal!
We are finally seeing all of the planning fall into place and I am SO excited about that!
Next week: Taking Action! 🙂 

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