NYNL Day 21: Goal Planning Checklist

It’s checklist day! YAY!
Here is the checklist for planning goals:

Create a halfway checkpoint for each of your big goals. Reaching it will be almost as exciting as reaching the final goal!

Studies have found that people lose motivation when they are halfway finished with a big project. Read this post for advice on regaining momentum!

Create some smaller checkpoints along the way to keep you on the right track! And, yes, reaching each one (no matter how small) is a cause for celebration!

Create a system for keeping up with your goals and keep moving in the right direction! Everything needs a plan!

Go shopping! Get a notebook, a journal, a calendar, a to-do list… whatever will help you stay focused on your goals!

Try choosing one goal to focus on each month. This will make sure each goal has a chance to be top priority.

Now, go enjoy your day! 🙂

Success is not easy, and certainly not for the lazy.
-Samantha Saifer-Bernard

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