NYNL Day 23: Make a To-Do List

It’s really kind of crazy to me how simple these challenges are getting! At the beginning of this series, I knew that long-term planning would make prioritizing a little easier, but I had NO IDEA how completely simple it would make things!
Here is today’s Mini-Challenge: 
Make a To-Do List for this week.
I know, right? 
So… remember yesterday, when we designated a goal for each week this month? 
Take that goal and break it down into your to-do list for this week.
When I saw mine, I could not believe it! It looks just like every other mundane to-do list I’ve ever made in my life. Except that, this time, I knew it wasn’t. Thanks to my 10-year plan, 5-year plan, and checkpoints, I know that everything on that list matters!
Clean windows is not just another household chore. It’s a way to help our house sell so that we can move to whatever house in whatever city we choose!
E-mail advisor is not just another timeless task on my list. It’s the way I’ll find out the requirements that I still need to meet before I can graduate and move on from this part of my life.
By working backwards through my life plan, I am able see the purpose of every small task in my daily life. And each of these little tasks is not just another thing to cross off of my list… it’s an eensy-weensy, baby step that’s taking me in the direction that I want to go! 
And I say YAY for baby steps! 🙂 

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