NYNL Day 27: Track Your Progress

Are you still taking action? Great! Still working on your routines? Excellent! 
You’ll need those for today’s Mini Challenge: 

Write down what you accomplished. 
Starting today, we are going to begin to write down what we did to further our progress towards our goals. Every. Day. 
If the goal was to make all A’s this semester, then the to-do list for the week probably looks something like this:
Introductory Activity
Read Chapter 1
Read Chapter 2
Work on Paper

The problem with a to-do list is that many of us make it and then forget about it. We don’t come back until we’re finished with something.

But what if one item took a lot longer than you expected? And now you can’t cross it off your list because it isn’t technically complete but you know that you DID work on it (that’s seriously the worst). 

Well, by tracking our progress, our basic to-do lists kind of turn into running journal/logs of our work… which is exactly what they should be! 
Here is an example:
Introductory Activity

Monday—> Read over the directions and started brainstorming
Tuesday—> Reread through the directions and created a rough outline
Wednesday—> NOTHING
Thursday—> Revised rough outline. Fluffed up writing. Turned in Intro Activity. 

And {finally} you can do this:
Introductory Activity


See how much better that looks than leaving the same item lingering on a to-do list for days and days… making us feel all productive and whatnot? Always track your progress, even if you didn’t make any!
Trust me, you won’t allow yourself to write that nothing word down too many times 🙂 

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