NYNL Day 28: Taking Action Checklist

It’s Checklist Day (which is sort of my favorite day)! YAY! 
So, this week has been all about taking all of that goal writing and planning and finally putting it into action! If you missed a day (or 7), no big deal… here is everything that you missed 🙂 
Just look at this week and choose one valuable, yet doable, goal to accomplish!
Think about the tasks that are needed to accomplish the weekly goal… and make them into a to-do list!
Now that you have that handy dandy to-do list, go and DO some things on it! 
As you go through each day (working on your to-do list), simply write down your current routines!
Look for ways to rearrange your daily schedule that will create more time for working on goals!
Write down what you accomplished from your to-do list everyday… even if it’s nothing! 
I am so incredibly happy and excited that we have completed 4 WEEKS of goal setting, so far! 
Way to go! 🙂

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