8 Anti-Procrastination Strategies

I previously shared a post on WHY we procrastinate but while I was researching that, I also gathered like a million little strategies for how to stop it! Okay, maybe it was just 8… but still, 8 strategies are better than none! 
I don’t have a ton of time to introduce this post but obviously, we are all well-aware (probably a little too aware) of procrastination and all of its dangers!
So, here are some ways to avoid it!
8 anti-procrastination strategies for your first week back from break!
1. Prioritize!
When you make your to-do list, be sure to put the most important things at the top! Inevitably, you will lose momentum so make sure the less-important things are the ones being out off! Also, be sure to keep this list short (like 5 things or less) so it doesn’t look overwhelming!
2. Make a to-do list of ONLY the things you’re avoiding!
If there is a task (or several) that keep getting transferred from week to week, make a separate, high-priority list of ONLY those thigs! Each day, pledge to spend a certain amount of time on that list. Even 15-20 minutes a day will make a bigger impact than you think!
3. Break it down!
One of my charming readers {thanks, Megan!} recently shared with me that she literally writes EVERYTHING on her to-do list (example: “write name at top of page”). I think this is just a totally brilliant plan! Imagine how motivated you would feel if you got to mark 5 things off your list from the very beginning!

4. Eliminate distractions!
For me, this means going to a quiet place, turning off my phone/notifications, and finding some non-dis reacting music to listen to. Maybe you need to move your desk away from a window or simply close your bedroom door. Find out what your biggest distractions are and then do your best to eliminate them!

5. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel!
Did you know that the halfway point is the least motivational place to be? There is so much behind you, but still sk much ahead. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged when you realize you’re only halfway to your finishing point. Write down everything you’ve accomplished so far (it really is more than you thing) then *really* focus on what you will gain by completing your tasks!
6. Post your goals where you can see them!
This one is super important because it’s super motivational! Remembering the “big picture” (and how what you’re doing today influences it) is a great way to keep yourself disciplined. 

7. Celebrate your accomplishments!
Obviously. After you reach little (or big) checkpoints/goals, you need to celebrate your awesomeness! Everyone loves looking forward to something!

8. Ask for help when you need it!
Finally, if you are putting something because you don’t know how/what to do, don’t be afraid to ask for help! If it’s a work thing, ask a more experienced coworker or find some blogs online written by professionals in your field. If it’s something for school, your classmates, professors, and tutoring center are all great resources. If it’s a parenting thing, YouTube some Super Nanny videos, check out some parenting websites or ask a question in a discussion forum.

If you try these things and they still don’t work, FOCUS may be your real problem. There are tons of apps out there that will block you from distracting websites, etc. during your work time! Most of them cost money but if focus is a huge struggle for you, it may be worth it! 🙂

What strategies work for you? 
Have you tried any apps that help with focus? 
Did you think they were worth it? 

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