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On my 4 Things to Organize in April checklist, my closet was right up there! I have a pretty good system in place for keeping up with what I’ve worn and purging it frequently. What I need is kind of a revamped closet organization system!
As I always do, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and it did not disappoint!
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Buy uniformed hangers.
If all of the hangers match, the closet looks 100% more organized and put together. Plus, designate a specific number of clothing items for your closet and buy that many hangers. It will be a good reminder that your closet it getting too full! 
Find a cute way to display your accessories.
From pegboards to hooks to repurposed picture frames, Pinterest is FULL of cute ideas for displaying all those little accessories we need! Rather than just messily cramming them into a drawer, why not put them on display like a cute little boutique? Maybe it will make you enjoy getting dressed as much as you enjoy shopping! 
Store your shoes. 
Shoes are another one of those things that are easy to accumulate. If you don’t quite have the closet space of Sarah Vickers, no problem! Try a hanging heels on a curtain rod on the wall, a shoe rack on the back of the door, and storing flats/sandals in a bin on the shelf in your closet!
Find an organized home for tiny clothing items. 
So, hanging up clothes is easy but what about all those little things like scarves and tank tops? Luckily, they’re super easy to roll up and fit into small spaces! How about in a tiny dresser drawer, a “shoe rack”, or grabbing a couple of small clear drawers from Target? 

Hang your bags.
These are one of my biggest challenges! I love the way that they fit onto closet shelves and I can line them up neatly but I hate the way they get all smooched. Try designate a hanger in your closet as a “bag hanger”, a tension rod with S-hooks, or hanging some pretty hooks where you can easily reach them!

Pre-made closet system.
Of course, if you’re really getting serious about closet organization, Home Depot and Lowe’s have a TON of pre-made closet organizational systems! Just choose one that fits and works well for you!

You don’t have to have it all out at once.
Finally, this is one of the biggest things that keeps my closet in check. It isn’t necessary to have every item out all season long! Having 3 extra bins to hold clothes for each season will free up a TON of closet space!

Now let’s get those closets put back together! Summer is right around the corner and you don’t want to waste all that beautiful weather by being inside reorganizing a closet, do you? Me either 🙂

What kinds of closet organization tips do you have to add? Do you organize it a little at a time or do a big seasonal overhaul? Have you invested in a professional closet system or just created one that works well for you? 

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