Chloe + Isabel: Shop for Baby Eden!

In retrospect, choosing to schedule “moving week” during “finals week” was definitely a bad planning choice on my part. Lesson learned, Life. Lesson learned. 

As the semester goes on, we sacrifice time… sleep… money… sanity… so when it ends, I am always sure to celebrate by doing (or buying) something really awesome! If you watched the video I posted on Monday, you know that it’s even backed by science that we should reward ourselves after working hard! If you need suggestions on how to reward yourself for all of your incredible work this semester, I have just the thing!

Team Eden Trunk Sale

Jennifer Jacot of Chloe + Isabel is having an Online Trunk Sale May 9-11! Not only that, but 100% of the proceeds will go to help this sweet 3-year-old Memphis girl named Eden battle her Leukemia. That’s right. I said 100%.

Isn’t Jennifer beautiful? And isn’t this such a beautiful thing she’s doing? 
I’m so grateful to live in a world where people like her exist!
It’s not everyday that we get to show love to others by doing something that we love! Pick up some cute jewelry for the summer, reward yourself for your hard work this semester, and bless baby Eden and her sweet family! I’d say those are some pretty justifiable reasons to buy some gorgeous jewelry, riiight?! 🙂
If you want a little preview before you actually commit to heading to the website yourself, no problem! I’ll walk you through it!


And the price range is so broad that you can find something adorable whether you’re looking to spend $20 or $200! 

My faves:

But seriously, y’all, this is less than 10% of what’s in her collection! Go check it out for yourself! You deserve it after kicking butt during finals! 

Happy shopping! 🙂

Which piece is your favorite and how would you wear it for summer?! 

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