Mid-Year Goal Checkup

We get checkups for our bodies, our teeth, even our cars. But what about… Our goals?  
You didn’t think I’d forgotten about those goals we set back in January, did you?! (Actually, I did. Luckily Kiki was there to remind me). So today, we are going to go back and look at the 6-month checkpoints that we set for ourselves!

Ready?! Okay…

My 6-Month Checkpoints:

1. Post to Organized Charm regularly

2. Be more disciplined in my “priority time”

3. Find a new job

4. Register for my final semester of grad school

5. Live in a loft/studio in the city

6. Set aside a designated amount of money each month

7. Let go of my perfectionism (a little)

8. Work out routinely

Now let’s see where I’ve accomplished/fallen short of my checkpoints. 
1. If we don’t count the summer hiatus, then I’m doing pretty good about posting regularly (this will be my 3rd post in the past 2 weeks! Yay!).
2. YES! I can gladly and proudly say that I have surpassed my own expectations in this goal! Not only am I reading my Bible and praying consistently at the beginning of every morning but I am actually *confident*  about the future and *at peace* with myself and my life. This is an awesome goal that I’m glad I set!

3. Here’s another one that I’ve accomplished! After a TON of hard work, I found a new job (3 miles away from our new home!) that I start Wednesday!

4. Failed. There is one class (with 2 sections) standing between me and graduation and both sections were filled up by the time I went to register. I am hoping that something works out in this area, but if not, I’ll just graduate in the spring instead.

5. Accomplished!

6. Accomplished. Sort of. I have been doing this but I could be more consistent. Financial responsibility will go on my list of things to focus on.

7. Check. Being more disciplined in my priority time and writing regularly have given me a much better outlook on life!

8. Check. Whereas, health has always taken a backseat to productivity for me… I have finally learned to make it a priority.

So, I’m giving myself credit for the goals I’ve accomplished and I’m making a list if those that I still need to do! 
Out of the things I still need to do to be where I want to be in life right now, I will choose the most important and spend the next month mainly focusing on that! 
Now, do you have your list? Good! You can see how far you’ve come and which areas you need to improve (hint: there will *always* be something)!

by the way, if you’re a new reader and you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here! 🙂 }

Keep going! Love yourself and believe that you can make the changes! 
Go, You! 🙂

In which areas of your life did you meet your checkpoints? What could you still improve?! 

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