McGraw-Hill’s “Read It Forward”

It’s textbook time! But before you fight the crowd at your local campus bookstore or risk renting one that could get lost in the mail, you may want to check out McGraw-Hill’s SmartBook!

Last semester, I discussed a new kind of textbook that McGraw-Hill has developed called SmartBook. SmartBook is unique because, as you read, it actually assesses your learning of the material (you know, so you aren’t just staring blankly at the words while your mind wanders off and starts planning what you’re going to wear this weekend)!

Well, this semester, McGraw-Hill is doing something amazing! For every SmartBook that we order, they are donating a textbook to a child in a developing country! Kind of like how TOMS helps with shoes (Over 40,844 books had been donated so far)! Pretty cool, huh? 

You can learn more by watching this video!

So, what else makes SmartBook so amazing? Well, it is the first (actually, the only) adaptive reading and learning experience designed to change how we, as students, read and learn!

Not only that but studies have proven that SmartBook improves student performance by at least one letter grade!

Finally, SmartBook continuously adapts to your learning by highlighting content based on what you know and what you don’t!

To order your SmartBook or to find more information on it, click here

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