Fall Break Painting Projects

Whew! Y’all… remember that month called “October”? Where the heck did it go? Seriously. I don’t know if you noticed, but someone totally stole some days out of it because it could not have been that short! Thank you so much to all of you who read the series that I worked on in October! There are still more upcoming posts for it but I think I hit on all of the most frequently requested ones! Another thing crossed off of my to-do list! YAY! 
What you didn’t see (because I was focused on studying posts) was that we did a TON of decorating, organizing, and projects around our home in October, too! 
Now it’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with Scotch Expressions tape (AKA “washi” tape). I use it in my planner, on my calendar, and for project, after project, after project around our loft! 
But over the month of October, I had a chance to try out a different kind of tape from Scotch, the ScotchBlue TM Painter’s Tape Delicate Surface with Advanced Edge-Lock TM Paint Line Protector (AKA “painter’s” tape). 


Yes, that’s right… I worked on some painting projects over the past month and I forgot how much fun that is! Every time I see amazing-looking living spaces on Pinterest, I’m so tempted to go out and buy a bunch of new home decor. And the only problem with that is that… well, you know… it costs money. So, during my Fall Break lull in schoolwork, I used my time to revamp the things that I already around the house! 

In order to make this vase ombre, I taped the middle, then spray painted the top white and the bottom turquoise.
Once the paint dried, I removed the tape and blended the two in the middle until it looked ombre-ish enough for me!
Here’s the final result!
This little step-stool used to be a burgundy color… but obviously, pink is better!
This one still needs a second coat of paint, but you get the picture 🙂 

When I finished my projects, I gave the rest to my mom, who is in the process of decorating the “guest cottage” (AKA the fancy name she gave the mother-in-law suite) at my parents’ house. I kind of feel like my husband and I have become expert painters over the past year… while staging our house, we ended up painting almost every single room. Okay, because he reads this blog, let me rephrase that… HE repainted almost every single room while I stood by the ladder ready to call 911 if he fell. 

(My efforts to save his life from a hypothetical-potentially-life-threatening accident were not as appreciated as one would expect them to be.)
No paint where it’s not supposed to be! Perfect!! 
Did you work on any projects over Fall Break? Do you have anything that could use some “revamping” in your home? 
BTW, the paint I used was spray paint from Lowe’s and it was $3 a can! 
So these were all SUPER inexpensive projects!! 🙂 

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