A Birthday Announcement!

On the list of my favorite days of the year, I have to say that November 12th stands right behind December 25th. Oh, it might be helpful for you to know that November 12th is my birthday… which is why I find it just SO exciting! And if you feel like celebrating November 12th, too let me just give you a reason to: It’s also Ryan Gosling’s birthday.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate that, shall we?

Okay, that’s enough. Actually, wait… one more:

(I promise I didn’t make this. It just happened to already exist… conveniently.)

Okay, moving on.

I promise that wasn’t the big announcement.

The announcement is this:

Starting on Monday, November 17
Organized Charm will officially have its very own Etsy shop! 

YAY! I cannot even explain how super incredibly excited about it I am! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing… but I’m super excited about it!

Here is the story of how this came to be:

Remember how I felt like my life was all complete because I had found the planner I’d been looking for all my life? It was pretty. It was functional. It was simple enough to be customizable but detailed enough to not be boring. I was in planner heaven. And judging by the response to the photos that it appeared in, y’all really loved it, too! But that all changed in September when I found out that it was being discontinued.

Was it a sad day?


Did I immediately panic over over the fact that I only had 3 months to find another planner?


I am not even kidding you that I can literally find something I don’t like about every single planner ever made in the history of planners. Oh, it’s completely true. My poor husband went planner shopping with me the first year that we were married and I was like: “I’m looking for a planner that has a monthly view AND a weekly view. I also want it to have a place for me to write notes. And I want room to write in the margins of each week. And I don’t want lines on the days. And under absolutely NO CONDITIONS can it combine the days of Saturday and Sunday into one square”.

Saturdays and Sundays combined into the same square are the worst, aren’t they?

I have sifted through several websites, but I finally decided to just create what it was that I was looking for!

So that’s what will be available to y’all starting this Monday! Organized Charm’s Etsy Shop will contain printable planner pages so that you can mix and match so that the monthly and weekly views always fit your specific needs! Over the next few months, I’ll add more options! And, of course, I’ll be happy to take printable requests!

Until then, please enjoy this sneak preview of a few of the printables that will be available!

ENJOY YOUR NOVEMBER 12TH! (I know I will!) 🙂

Do you have any requests/suggestions for what you’d like to see in the shop? Have you already found a planner for next year? If so, what are some of your favorite/least favorite parts of it?

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