April Vignettes {2015 Edition}

HAPPY LAST DAY OF APRIL! I am so happy and excited and even a little bit sad as we say goodbye to April! We will be moving out of our loft one month from today (*tear*) and we will be moving to Nashville two months from today (*cheer*). 

SO… it’s just one of those times that bittersweet in Horton-world. I love these Vignettes posts because they’re a great way to catch y’all up on my personal life + an OC review, in case you missed anything! 

(plus they’re a great excuse to empty my camera of a bunch of photos!) #winwin
My Post It Calendar System. You can read all about it here

I recently posted this photo of the Post-It Calendar system, which we have been successfully been using for a year this month! I have always wanted an accurate and editable way to keep up with the month ahead, and this has been so perfect! 

My current planner system. You can read all about it here
I share some looks at my current planner setup as well as give you an outline of questions to see if your planner is setup in the best possible way for you! 

The Metter, GA Petting Zoo. Early in April, we took a family road trip to Savannah, GA for a friend’s wedding! On the way, we stopped in this precious little Georgia town that had a petting zoo next door to its gas station. 

Please. Just try to keep me away from access to cute animals for $1! 
Savannah Bee Company. My mom is really into bees. Like, really. She keeps bees in her backyard (yes, complete with that silly white suit which makes it really easy for me to make fun of her), writes a blog about bees, runs an Instagram account about bees. So we spent a lot of time in SBC.

Savannah, GA. I love Savannah. LOVE. IT. History is my favorite. And architecture. And charming southern towns. Did you know it was voted the 2nd-friendliest city the US (right behind its neighbor, Charleston)? Plus warm weather, palm trees, spanish moss, and a beach? 

Yes, yes, yes, and yes!  

Paris Market. And speaking of Savannah, no trip to it would be complete without lusting over every single item in Paris Market. Which we did. I even got a new planner (obviously, just what I need)! And a perfectly delicious vegetarian lunch complete with macarons! 

Favorite quote of the month inspired by an Instagram photo: 
“How did you write on the car door like that?”
-My husband

Q: What the heck is going on in this photo? 

A: We were stuck in traffic on the Georgia interstate and found a stash of bubbles left over from the wedding reception, so we started blowing them out the window to try to make people happy about sitting still for 45 minutes.

How to Get Better Grades. Ok, so let’s talk April posts! Do you see all of those checkboxes on the “write” page? Those are y’all’s requested posts! I am SO happy and SO excited about them! In fact, this post was one of them! 

Other posts from the past month included:

Plus the addition of “Study Tip Sunday“, which are just tiny bite-sized posts that you can collect on your Pinterest Study Tips board (you do have one, right?) so you can review them quickly without even have to click through a link! (hey, efficiency is everything.)

Job Searching. I have literally applied to 30+ teaching jobs in Nashville. And I am really learning that job searching takes a lot of organization! So, this month, I’ve created job search folders, portfolios, spreadsheets, and of course…

a board full of career advice that you’re more than welcome to steal everything from! 

Oh, yeah. And our Memphis Grizzlies are in the playoffs! 😀

Also, here’s a photo of Justin Timberlake’s baby in a Grizz gear to brighten your day!

What was your April like? Did you do any traveling? Prep for finals? Are you job searching as well? (bless both of our hearts) 

Share your highlights in the comment section below! 

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