Introducing, the OC Academic Planner!

Y’all! I am so excited about this! I have been working so, so hard to get this together for you and it’s finally happened. I have created THE academic planner that I wish I had in college. 100% ideal! 

This will officially be available on Friday, June 26th. I’ll have a limited quantity of paper copies available for $25 and PDF downloads available for $12! Plus a giveaway next weekend, too! SO excited! 
Ok, let’s take a tour, shall we?  

First of all, I like to plan big to small. That’s why the year at a glance is here in the front… It covers the entire academic school year: July-June! Use washi tape or post it’s here for tentative planning! 

Next up is the daily routine page! You know all those OC posts you read on daily productivity and routines? This is where you put them into action! There are two of these sheets: fall and spring! 

Next is the weekly routine page. This is so perfect for planning out your weekly schedule during the semester! Use post-it’s to switch things around until it just “fits” (read: Time Management System)! There are two of these pages: Fall and Spring! 

Then come the weekly views! Each one has the month name and year, as well as a “Do This” section for monthly to do’s or goal checkpoints. (You know I LOVE those!) Plus plenty of space to decorate! 

You can also write in your own dates to go along with whatever color scheme you choose for each month! I like to use the Feng Shui seasonal colors, but you might like to do something different! 

Here is a Birdseye view of the weekly layout! There are two “anti-procrastination” days or “just get it done” days: Wednesday and Sunday. They are subtly marked with darker lines to remind you! No excuses! 
Finally, my favorite, the weekly spreads! 52 of them! From June 28, 2015-June 25, 2016. Each week has correlating OC study tips and even tells you which posts to read when! Yay for school organization! 
There are 4 designated categories for each week to use however you want! You can make one for each class, designate them for different times of day, one for each area of life. This is where YOU really make this planner work for you! 

Finally, not pictured here, is a 2016-2017 school year planning section for your goals and plans for next year! And even a little place to write what you did well this year and what you’d like to improve for next year! 
I’m actually writing this from the Atlanta airport on my way to Mexico (so please excuse allll those autocorrect errors I know my phone “fixed” for me!) so everything will be available on Friday, June 26th! WOOHOO! 🙂 

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