Organize Your Class Binders

how to organize your class binders
‘How do you organize your class binders?’ -Amanda
If you are looking for ways to organize your class binders, I can definitely help with that! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of opting for class folders over binders. But what if a folder just isn’t practical for your class? Or what if you get really annoyed by the bent up corners and you just can’t take it anymore? 
So, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to use binders, this post is for you!
organize your class binders

Label your binders for quick access

The first step to organize your class binders is to label them! This may seem really obvious, but I can’t skip sharing it! You may want to color-code them with washi tape or printed labels on colored cardstock. You’ll also want to clearly label your binder on the front cover. This way, whether you have them standing in a locker or tossed in the backseat of your car, you can quickly grab the right one! 

Follow the same format in each binder

Another great way to organize your class binders is to make up a consistent system and use it in each binder. What I mean by this is, plan the “layout” of your binders and use the same format in each one. Here’s an example:
  • Front Pocket: Upcoming Assignments
  • Back Pocket: Graded Assignments
  • Back Cover: Class Grad Sheet
Pull out the 3 things you’ll need/use the most over the semester and put them in these easy-to-access locations! In the photo below, I used the first page of my binder as an “actionable steps” list. Just use whatever you need and whatever works best for you! 
tips for how to organize your class binders

Get a sheet protector

Sheet protectors are a great way to organize your class binders! I love sheet protectors, and using one as your very first page in the binder can help you keep your school life together! This is a great place to put your semester assignment spreadsheet for the class, just to make sure you’re always on track! You could also use wet/dry erase markers to write on them, like below!
how you can organize your class binders

Don’t be afraid to rework your syllabus

What I don’t like about syllabi is that each professor uses a different format. I like to take the syllabus, get rid of all of the university guidelines, and re-type the important parts, like assignment due dates and class meeting dates. This keeps it clean and concise!

Use tabs

The amount of tabbed notebook dividers I find all over my house is ridiculous. I usually just get the ones that have 5 dividers, but you can use more or less depending on your needs! Here are the categories I usually use:
  • Class Information- Hole punch and save the original syllabus
  • Handouts- Any handouts your professor gives you, newest on top
  • Notes- Neatly rewritten notes from class, newest on top
  • Graded Assignments- Papers/tests that have been graded & returned, newest on top
  • Blank Paper- If you’re not bringing a separate notebook, bring blank notebook paper 🙂 
organize your class binders for a new semester
So, inders are a great way to stay organized throughout the semester! They are a little bulkier and a little more awkward to deal with in class (all that snapping!), but if that doesn’t bother you, then bind away! 🙂 
So, how do you organize your class binders or folders?!

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