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Welcome to Organized Charm! 

I created this blog to help students take more responsibility for their own learning. As an undergrad student, I had a difficult time with time management and I began developing little organizational systems to keep myself on track. When I started grad school for elementary education, I started using the learning theories that we learned in class to help myself study more effectively. 

This method had such a positive impact on my own education, that I created this blog to share it with others, too! I am always researching how to do… well, everything… better! This blog is full of simple study hacks, proven productivity tips, and instant organization tricks!
I’m Kirsten! 

I was home schooled during elementary and middle school and I attended school for the first time in 9th grade (yes, I’m like a real-life Cady Herron). That’s when I absolutely fell in love with school and school-related things! It’s also where I learned that grades are more of a reflection of hard work and organization than they are of intelligence. In high school, my GPA always seemed to hover around a 2.4-2.5. However, over the years, I gradually increased my goals for making better grades and I recently graduated from my Master’s program with a 4.0 GPA. 

I share all of my study strategies and life organization solutions on this blog and comments sections are full of even more ideas from readers (so feel free to share your advice as well)! I also love writing requested posts, too! So please feel free to request one via the comments section below, via Email, or on Twitter. I have also designed some mix & match planner printables, which are available in the Etsy shop, so that you can create a personalized organizational system that works specifically for you! I am always working to improve my design skills, so check the shop often for new listings! 

My Everyday Life…

I am in love with teaching (specifically kindergarten) and my goal is to be the best of the best for “my” kids! 

I currently live in Memphis, Tennessee, and on any given day, I can be found doing any of the following: having brunch in the Cooper Young District, cheering on my Memphis Tigers & Grizzlies, attending outdoor shows at the Levitt Shell, wandering through the South Main Arts District, or watching the sun set over the Mississippi River! 

My family is super-wonderful: I have an amazing husband, two awesome parents, and the coolest little brother around! 

9 Random Facts About Me…
  • Somewhere out there, there is a retired FedEx plane named after me
  • My husband and I met in an Italian restaurant on St. Patrick’s day
  • My dream life would involve adopting every kid in need, Angelina Jolie-style
  • My favorite blogs are College Info Geek, iHeart Organizing, and Zen Habits
  • Before becoming a teacher, I worked for a year as a paralegal
  • My personality type is ENFJ 
  • I love yoga and hate running (but I do both everyday)
  • I have climbed to the top of a volcano
  • Proverbs 31:25 is my favorite verse and goal for 2015
I like to spend most of my free time writing in our downtown loft, hanging out at the park, or checking out the office supply aisle at Target (no, I am not kidding). I also enjoy girls’ nights, going on adventures with my husband, local music, traveling, teaching, learning anything new, spending time with my family, working out, and focusing on everything positive! 

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I feel that these posts really capture the overall theme of Organized Charm!

Through this blog, I have had the amazing opportunity to partner with BICMcGraw-HillBandBritaIndia CircusChloe Grace Crochet and other brands that I think will benefit my readers! If you are interested in advertising, hosting a giveaway, or being reviewed on Organized Charm, feel free to e-mail me for a media kit! 

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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Organized Charm! 🙂 

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