5 Ways to Make Your Planner Pretty!

Planners. You love them. I love them. 

And seriously, what would we do without them? 

They keep us on track, on time (mostly), and productive!

But just because they’re a productivity tool, doesn’t mean they can’t also be pretty!

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Making your planner happy and pretty will make you use it more, therefore, being productive! 

Organization + Prettiness + Productive? I call that a win-win-win! Plus, if you document all of your important things, your planner will double as a journal! Add one more “win” to that list! So, what tips do I have for decorating a planner to reflect your personality and life? Psh. Where do I even begin? Get those debit cards ready because I see an Etsy/Target shopping spree in your future! 

(Please. Like you needed me for that.) 

Since I know y’all are tired of seeing my same planner all the time, I decided to round up a few gorgeous examples that I found around the lovely Pinterest planner community! And guess what? That even includes some links to free printable downloads! YAY! 
(If you really love planners, here’s a peek Inside My Wedding Planner!)

Here are my absolute favorite examples + products that will make your planner pretty and organized!! 

Colorful Event Reminders | Elephantshoe

Oh, hey. Aren’t these the cutest little things ever? Breathe a little life into any planner with these happy little event reminders. This free download includes 2 sheets of reminders! You can print them onto regular cardstock and stick them into your planner with Washi tape OR print them onto adhesive paper and cut them out as stickers. I love these so much!

Color-Coded Pens | First Home Love Life

So, if you’ve read more than one post from this blog or seen more than one Instagram on its account, you definitely know that I’m a big (BIG) fan of the Papermate Flair pens. I love the colors, the way they write, everything. But there are other pens that work just as great for planners! 

Above you can see that Christine from First Home Love Life uses Sharpie Ultra Fine Points and they look fabulous! I’ve also heard wonderful things about Pilot Frixion (erasable!) pens! I usually try to limit my planner to about 5 different colors (because you know, I like to keep things simple.) But you can obviously go as wild with different colors as you want! 

Washi Tape | Take Two They’re Small

So, you know how I always use Washi tape to organize my planner? (That sounds like an exaggeration but it isn’t.) The example above from Take Two They’re Small is the first place I ever saw it! Man, did it really change my planning life. Perfect for showing “summer break” “vacation” or “exam week” in your planner! Plus I color code mine to match the pens that I use! Too perfect and such an easy way to add some extra prettiness to your productivity! 

Binder Clip | Luckeyfrog’s Lilypad

Binder clips are one of my favorite ways to decorate/organize my planner! I have mine set up with binder clips so that I can open straight to the current month or the current week! They make it super easy to open up quickly and start planning! (plus… they’re pretty). There are tons of pretty ones at Office Depot and Target. OR you can just make your own by using a plain black binder clip and your favorite Washi tape design! 

Planner Stickers | ScribblePrintsCo

Aren’t these weekend stickers adorable? I know they are. That’s why I’ll probably end up ordering before this weekend is over. ScribblePrintsCo is just one of the wonderful Etsy shops where you can find adorable planning stickers to help organize your life! I have the solid page flags (which I use to show my scheduled blog posts), the heart checklists (which I use for monthly goals), and the coffee cups (which I use for coffee dates. Clever, I know). 


Of course, you and I both know that there are a BILLION more ways to decorate your planner but these are some of my favorites! I would LOVE to see how you decorate your planner! 🙂 

Tell me all about your favorite products/ideas for decorating your planner. 

Or better yet, if you want to show me your adorable planner layout, just use #organizedcharm or tag me @organizedcharm on Instagram or Twitter

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Earn Better Grades This Semester with Skooli Online Tutoring! (Sponsored)

(This post brought to you by Skooli. All opinions are 100% my own.)

I can’t even begin to tell y’all how many hours of my high school life I spent in math tutoring. I did after school tutoring with my own teachers (or basically any teacher that didn’t mind being in the room with me for an hour as I stared at numbers on my paper, crying “I’ll never be able to do this… it’s too h-h-haaard“). 

And to add to the fun, I also went to an off-campus tutoring center twice a week. (If I walked in there today, they’d still have me working on fractions!)

But honestly, the worst part of all that tutoring was just the TIME that it took. I had just spent 8 hours at school, got out at 2:15, got home at 2:45, grabbed a quick snack, then headed out the door again to be at tutoring by 3:20. Some days, you just want to come home and know you don’t have any place else to be. 

Well, rejoice because guess what? You can now have your cake and eat it, too. That’s right… you can now come home AND get the professional tutoring you need to boost your grades with Skooli!

Skooli is a website that matches you up with tutors (from all over the world!) for specifically what you need! The best part? You can get the help you need while at home in your yoga pants! 

Here are some of the coolest things about Skooli:

Online tutoring provides the safety and convenience that students and parents need.
There is no dropping off and picking up from a tutoring center. There is no driving to and from a tutoring center after a long day or in the rain. There isn’t even a risk of poor college students running out of gas on the way to tutoring! You are safely in your own home, on your own computer, on your own time schedule the whole time! 

You commit to just one session per tutor so you can find the perfect tutor for you!
When I was in my tutoring center in high school, I never knew who my tutor for the day was until I got there. There was one tutor who could break down things really well for me (and deal with all my tears).  The others were too vague, too broad, or explained things in a way that didn’t work for my brain. Here, you have control over who your tutor is so you can optimize your study time! 

Skooli confirms tutors’ qualifications and educational background. 
Basically, enough said. But with Skooli, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best. A real teacher, with real knowledge of the content you’re learning, and a knowledge of how to differentiate instruction for different learners! Interestingly enough, Skooli is one of the only online tutoring services that actually does this! 

Parent progress tracking.
That’s right. If you’re a parent, you can can sign up and create an account for your child. This gives you the control to choose the tutor(s) who works best with your child, schedule times that are convenient to your family/work schedule, and view your child’s progress (without having to schedule and show up for another conference). 

So, how does it work? Let me walk you through what to expect!

STEP 1: Start out by heading over to the website and easily creating your own account!

STEP 2: Time to get started! Yes, it’s that easy. Just type in whatever subject you need help with!

STEP 3: Skooli will provide a HUGE selection of tutors, including their bios, pics, & qualifications.

STEP 4: Specify your specific education level to ensure that the most relevant tutor selection! 

STEP 6: Start checking out tutors to find one who’s absolutely perfect to help you ace this semester! 

STEP 7: Use the easy scheduling too to choose the most convenient time for YOU!

Once you’re in, here are features to optimize your tutoring session:

– Fast and responsive (aka no messages like “waiting for page to load” or “buffering”) YAY!

– High quality video and audio to clearly connect you with the best teachers in the world!

– Progress tracking so that you can set study goals and track your progress to achieve them!

– Real time tools so that you and your tutor can draw, create graphs, or whatever you need!

– Screensharing. Show websites where you found info, your citations, spreadsheets, etc! 

– Share files, notes, images. That paper you’re working on, your math study guide, anything!

Ready to get the help you need?! You can do it right here! 😀

Did you try any tutoring last semester? How did it go? Do you think that Skooli would be a better alternative to traditional tutoring centers? Share your experiences below! 

    Top Lessons I Learned About Procrastination During College

    This will probably be the dumbest question you’ll read all day: Do you struggle with procrastination? Like, literally able to do ANYTHING except for the one thing that you’re supposed to be doing? 

    Oh, I’m sorry, would it have been easier to ask: “Are you human”? 

    If you answered “yes” then welcome, you’ve found the perfect place where you belong! 

    I recently read that we’re supposed to “read what we need to learn”. And if you’ve taken a look around this blog for more that 4 seconds, you’ve probably seen the word “productivity” aaaaabout 42 times. 

    Go ahead. Take a look around. Crazy, huh? 

    I’ve obviously been working on learning how to get rid of procrastination for a while now! 

    (5 Anti-Procrastination Strategies to Help you Get Through Finals Week)

    Here are the biggest lessons I learned about procrastination in college! 

    Procrastination is one of those things that is just so difficult to overcome! The worst for me was in undergrad because there were just so many other things to do: parties, friends, work, moving. You name it and it could distract me from schoolwork. Here are some of the things I learned that helped me balance out my social life and school work! 

    5 helpful lessons you need to learn to kick procrastination to the curb!

    1. Procrastination is a form of fear.

    Last year, my super nice professor gave us a take home midterm. “Awesome!” I thought. “She is just the coolest person ever for doing that!” And she was. But did the fact that I had this thing in my house all of spring break make me want to take it? Absolutely not. 

    It sat on my desk until the day before. Why? Fear. Fear of failing. Or maybe just fear that I would start it and realize how hard it was and that I hadn’t actually learned anything so far. It even prompted me to write this post! So, what’ s procrastinating college student to do?! 

    2. In order to accomplish things, you have to face that fear. 

    Choose an “Anti-Procrastination” Day. Back in the day, I used to try to use the FlyLady system for keeping our house clean. My attempt at those routines ha been long gone for a few years now, but there are a few things of hers that I do still use. 

    One of them is anti-procrastination” day

    Choose one day a week to just get those tasks you’ve been dreading over with! I promise, you will feel so much better once you do! Most of the time, once I start a task, I realize that it’s much easier than I expected. Just jump right in!

    3. A good plan is worth a million minutes. 

    I’m a planner. No doubt about it. But even if you’re more of a “free spirit” than I am (in which case this entire blog looks like pure insanity to you) it’s still helpful to make a productivity plan! A productivity plan is exactly what it sounds like! Make a list of your stuff! The tough stuff that you’ve been avoiding or the tediously boring mind-numbing stuff that you hate to do. Then get started on it! Here are some tips to help you get going

    4. It’s easy to get distracted (especially when you’d literally rather be doing anything else). 

    Back to undergrad and midterms (and finals): When I came home from class in the afternoon, I just wanted to relax by doing nothing. Which is fine, as long as “nothing” doesn’t turn into all afternoon (like it often does). 

    If this is a problem for you, too, try this: Give yourself a “reminder”. For example, place your study guide near your computer, so that when you’re thinking about heading over to Pinterest, you remember that you’ve got an exam to study for. 

    Or set a reminder on your phone, so that 10 minutes into that Insta-binge, you remember you still have reading to do! 

    5. Bribing yourself is definitely okay. 

    There are a lot of times in life that bribing is frowned upon. Luckily, college is not one of them! I would use whatever it was that I was just DYING to do against myself. Like, If you finish your rough draft in time, you can go to brunch on Saturday or watch that new Netflix.

    Set up a reward plan for yourself and really stick to it! You are the boss of yourself and you are not about to be stopped by some weak little distraction or lack of self-discipline, right? If all else fails, designate a hiding spot for your phone/computer until you get your work done!

    Organized Study Time

    What lessons have you learned while in college? Are there any specific “anti-procrastination” tips that really help you out? Share them with our readers below! 

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