8 Ways to Start This Month ORGANIZED

  • Check out your entryway/front door area. 
    • Gather up all of the things that tend to linger in this area. 
    • If it’s by the front door because it needs to go somewhere, then put it in a bag to grab the next time you’re walking out the door! 
    • And speaking of bags, take a minute (or 10) to clean out your purse / laptop bag / backpack / etc. No need to carry around a bunch of excess junk in this new month! 
  • Move on to your bedside table. 
    • For me, this is always a place where random tiny things accumulate. 
    • I’m talking 39 bobby pins and ponytail holders. 
    • Take a second to remove anything that doesn’t belong there, so that you can go to sleep and wake up to a simple and streamlined space!
  • Make the bed. 
    • And I mean really make the bed. 
    • Use all of your decorative pillows, throws, whatever you need to do to make it look/feel like a hotel bed! 
    • You’ll thank yourself when you go to get in it tonight!
  • Make sure your “getting ready space” is in order.
    • Make sure that every hairbrush, bottle of nail polish, tube of mascara has a home. 
    • I bought 3 bins at Target’s Dollar Spot to keep under my sink: 
      • 1 for nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton balls, etc. 
      • 1 for skin care related things like lotion and face wash. 
      • 1 for toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss. 
    • Everything doesn’t need to be arranged perfectly, but it does need to be categorized in a way that’s easy enough to follow every day! 
  • Round up all of your clothes. 
    • Here is the simple rule for clothes, every item of clothing should either be…
      • …clean and hanging in the closet or folded in a dresser
      • …dirty and spinning in the washing machine
      • …unneeded and in a bag to donate / sell
  • Round up all of your towels.
    • They should either be…
      • …clean and ready to use
      • …dirty and ready to wash
      • …old and ready to toss
Almost done!
  • Now, let’s move to the kitchen! 
    • Really clean out the coffeemaker 
    • Wipe down the counters
    • Wash ALL dirty dishes (either in the dishwasher or by hand)
    • Spray and wipe out your newly-empty sink
  • Deal with every piece of paper in your home.
    • Either recycle or toss all unneeded paper
    • File and organize every piece of important paper
    • If a piece of paper has been lingering around for a while because it requires some type of action, go ahead and take that action so that you can file or toss the paper!
And hell-o to a fabulously organized start to February! 🙂

Do you have any suggestions or tips to help start a cleaner and more organized new month?! Add them in the comments below!

January Vignettes

I have to admit that January is typically my least favorite month. I’m not sure why… but it’s just usually all cold and dreary and rainy and makes me want to jump on an airplane and never return to Memphis. HOWEVER, in my decades of experiencing Januaries, this one has actually been exceptionally pleasant. The sun has been out more than normal. Plus it’s been warm enough to keep our windows open (which is my absolute favorite!). I truly hope that y’all have been as fortunate. 

And if it has been tough for you, find an awesome Australian blog or Instagram account to live vicariously through! It always works for me! (#SUMMERFOREVER!) 

Here’s what January looked like…

…on Organized Charm

I have continued to work on new OC printables for Organized Charm’s Etsy shop! Below is a sneak peek of the “mini” version of the weekly grid view. This printable is a smaller, more colorful version of the planner in my How I Organize My Planner post and it will be released Wednesday, February 4! 🙂 

Most of the January posts on Organized Charm focused on goal setting and goal accomplishing! Two of my personal favorite things! 🙂 

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Room-by-Room Home Organization/Staging 

15 Quick Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

How to Create Long-Term Goals

How to Actually Accomplish Your 2015 Goals

…in my “real life”

Saying goodbye to 2014 wasn’t terribly difficult for me. While a lot of great things happened (like moving, celebrating 3 years as a married couple, and GRADUATING from grad school), there were also a lot of tough things that went on, too (like moving, being a married couple, and grad school). Life is full of ups and downs and it’s all about attitude, perspective, and teamwork, don’t you agree? 

This is my little brother. He’s been volunteering at national parks all over the southwest with AmericaCore since September. BUT he came home for Christmas and it was just so, so much fun! I just love this wittle guy!  
I have been pretty obsessive about my goals this year! Ever since I officially finished grad school, I’ve really been focusing on what I want my next step to be! And to know what your next step is, you obviously have to know where you’re trying to go… you know?! 
No January in Memphis is complete without basketball.
And no week around our home is complete without me rearranging… well, something. Welcome to my “corner office with a view”! 
You know how exciting it is when someone that you love turns out to love something that you love?! Getting back into yoga was one of my goals for all of my newly-acquired post-grad free time! And the best thing of all best things happened! It turns out that my husband really enjoys yoga, too! #YAY


Maybe it’s because I grew up as a female athlete or because I was home schooled by my slightly-hippie-ish mom or because Ariel is the first Disney princess that I remember, but I have always been into anything and everything that revolves around “girl power”. And it seems that especially over the past few months, the media has just been filled with articles and books and videos that focus on building a generation of girls that don’t live up to typical “girl” stereotypes. 

And I JUST. LOVE. IT. Here are my favorites that I’ve seen lately:

You Are What You Wear: The Dangerous Lessons Kids Learn From Sexist T-Shirts (Huffington Post)

How was your first month of 2015? Was it the fresh start you needed it to be? Did you make and stick to any special resolutions? 

Room-By-Room Home Organization/Staging

In the grand scheme of Januarys, this one has actually been pretty pleasant. I actually have my windows open right now and there isn’t a cloud in the sky! And even though I KNOW that it will inevitably get cold and gloomy and rainy again soon… I am choosing to completely ignore that reality and starting to focus on spring cleaning! There is just something about the spring… you know? It just makes me want to get rid of every ounce of junk that piled up over the winter and create the most zen-tastic living space ever! You, too? YAY! 
Last spring, we had our house for sale and it seemed like every weekend was a balancing act between completing schoolwork and prepping the house to be inspected ravaged viewed by potential buyers. Living in a house that’s for sale is stressful. Like, super stressful. Like, stressful enough that I only want us to rent until we find the house that will be our “forever home”. However, even though I love to be dramatic and talk about how annoying it is to have strangers in your house every weekend… there was also something pretty cool that I took away from the experience: Home Staging. 
I am all about it now! The declutterization. The warm and cozy feeling. The shiny counters and amazing-smelling kitchen! And just because we’re renting a loft now, doesn’t mean that we aren’t still implementing all those super-cool tricks that we learned! As far as I’m concerned, staging is pretty much like creating the most ultimately-organized and welcoming home ever. My attention was recently drawn to this infographic (found on moshells.com) and it easily outlines the basics of staging and how to do it without spending a ton of money! 
If you have your windows open and are looking for something to organize today (like I am), then this is a pretty perfect guide to follow as well! 
So, let’s go ahead and get a head start on spring organization this weekend! 🙂 

Do you get excited to clean out your home as soon as it gets warm outside? Could you use any of these rules for organizing? Or do you already? OR do you have any to add?!