Best 2020 Planners

It’s time for 2020 planners! Ahh… all those fresh, new possibilities. The fresh packages of color-coded pens. The cute stickers. The goal-setting. I cannot even begin to describe how excited this season makes me! I’m so excited to share my favorite 2020 planners this year with you!! Here we go! 

Emily Ley Simplified Planner | $48

I bought one of these at the beginning of the school year, and I was really pleased with the design, size, and priority activities at the front. If you get overwhelmed by too many boxes and detailed lists in your planner, this one is for you! It is easy to carry around. The paper is of excellent quality, and the overall brand is just super cute and happy. Emily Ley also offers a few books that pair nicely with the planner to help you prioritize your tasks and set goals

Erin Condren Softcover Life Planner | $30-$35

After admittedly not being the biggest fan of Erin Condren planners, I have to say that the new softbound option has drawn me back to Erin Condren. I LOVE how sleek and easy softbound planners are to carry around. I love not having to worry about big, bulky coils. Plus, as always, the colors and designs are beautiful. The 2020 planners come in three different layouts so that you can choose the one that works best for you! 

Happy Planner | $21-$39

Even though I don’t necessarily love big-coil binding, The Happy Planner is one I can really get excited about! I am using the lesson planner this year, and I absolutely love the colors, the layout, the quotes, and doodles. It truly makes you feel… well, happy. These also work well as scrapbooks or journals. There are TONS of gorgeous planner stickers on the Happy Planner website and Michael’s (usually accompanied by great deals, too!). 

Panda Planner | $34

I recently discovered this planner and am pretty obsessed with it! The layout reminds me of a cross between Passion Planner and Day Designer. I LOVE that helps you cultivate a positive attitude (and who couldn’t use a little more of that?)! There are different options to choose from, but I like the pre-dated, weekly layout the best! I love that it offers places for you to list your priorities, as well as the day’s wine wins. ( hey, sometimes wine may be your win 😉

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Passion Planner | $30-35

Year after year, I check out (and usually buy) all kinds of new planners. I always want to be sure I’m not missing out on something that could be helping me keep my life together. But I ALWAYS seem to come back to the Passion Planner. I love the goal-setting exercises that the beginning and how they keep you focused throughout the year. The 2020 planners have gorgeous color choices. This year, they also have sticker packs and a daily layout!

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Planners are more than just a pretty place to keep track of your commitments. They are visible evidence of how you spend your most precious resource: your time. I am always on the lookout for planners that help people identify their long-term goals, and break them down into smaller steps. How you spend your time now ends up being how you spent your life. Make sure you’re being proactive and in control of your time! 

There are a MILLION other planners out there, and plenty I don’t know about yet! Please share them in the comments so I can buy them all check them out 🙂 

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Ordering a Plum Paper Planner

I recently ordered my second Plum Paper Planner, which I am SO excited about!! For the past two years, I’ve been using Passion Planner (which I loved), but I was just ready for a change (and some color)!
The thing that originally drew me to Plum Planner was a glowing review from a good friend (who knows a lot about planners). She said she switched from the Erin Condren to the Plum Planner, and couldn’t be happier!
I finally decided I was ready to make the switch, too! So I went to the website, just to check it out. 

Buuuut I ended up ordering one! 

Here’s how the process went:

Designing the Cover

I LOVE it that you can choose your own cover design! I spent hours quite a while playing the game of “this one or this one” between the beautiful designs! After that, I added a monogram (yay!) and the year (school year, because #teacherlife).
Having a pretty cover was something I missed after two years of black Passion Planners. I so love the sleekness of PP, but I NEED ALL THE COLOR, PLEASE!

Choosing the Weekly Layout

This was, by far, my favorite feature! I LOVE all of the different layouts that are available for Plum Planner! I’m a vertical layout girl, but they also have horizontal layouts. Most planners stop at asking horizontal or vertical, but not Plum Planner!
Next, I needed to choose just how I wanted the days laid out: Did I want Morning, Afternoon, Evening? Did I want Hourly? Did I want Blank Columns? And then, I saw it… the most wonderful of all things planner-y: The ME Layout!
This layout allows you to add up to seven category of your very own to your planner! Perfect for keeping up with separate college classes or moms who have kids with busy schedules!
This is my favorite thing to see on a planner because it means it will work for anyone! I made it flexible for my upcoming work/maternity leave/work school year! I also used this feature to create a hybrid of all of my favorite planners!

Here are the seven categories I chose:

-Daily Focus: Like Passion Planner, a place for a step towards my goal.
-Cash: Our SON, who will be here in October! A place to track his progress and eventually schedule “Cash Care” when I go back to work.
-Morning: Appointments, deadlines, holidays, meetings, & school-related things.
-Afternoon: Checklists, cleaning schedule, errands, faculty meetings, & workouts.
-Evening: Baby to do’s, dinner, & Junior League events/meetings/obligations.
-Night: Baby stuff (feeding/sleeping patterns), Friend stuff (celebrations/dates)
(My husband made fun of including both “evening” and “night”, but I think they’ll be useful! We’ll see J)
-Best Things: Best things that happened each day!

UPDATE: I’m now on my second Plum Planner, and for this one I chose the hourly layout. It’s awesome, and I like it even more than the categories! 

Choose any add-ons

I just went with 10 note pages in the back of the planner (because I love lists!).
And that’s it! It was super easy (aside from making the decisions) and quick! I love how many times they let you re-check/preview your order before you place it! And I love the options for add-ons at the end (SO. MANY. CHOICES.)!
I started using it last August and I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂 

Have you tried Plum Paper Planner before? What did you love/not love about it? Also, and this is important, what kind of pens work best in it?! 

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Best Academic Planners for This Year

Even though I’m an adult living in adult-world, I’m still a teacher, which means that I still use academic planners! They just work so much better for my life than a traditional January-December spread would.
Right now, I’m using a pretty Karen Adams Designs agenda. I still have my Passion Planner, but I’m not using it quite as much now that school’s out. I’m lucky if I have one thing scheduled each day (#teacherproblems). 
After quite a bit of “research”, I ultimately went with the Plum Paper Planner (more on that later)! However, here are the top three others I had it narrowed down to and why! 

Here are my favorite 2017-2018 academic planners! 

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

What I Like About It:

  • Let’s start with the obvious: It’s pretty! Who wouldn’t get excited about seeing their plans surrounded in colorful Lilly artwork?
  • Tabs: I’m a HUGE fan of monthly tabs! They make planning so much easier!
  • Stickers: The Lilly Stickers are so cute and add a lot of happiness to your traditional monthly layout.
  • Size Choices:With four size choices, it’s easy to choose the one that works best for you, whether you want to keep it on your desk or carry it around with you all day!


Passion Planner

What I Like About It:

  •  Durable: The faux leather cover keeps your planner safe, even when it’s buried deep in your purse!
  • Blank and Grid Sheets: “I’ll never use all these extra sheets!” I thought when I got my first Passion Planner. Ha! I keep so many lists back there that it’s ridiculous!
  •  Monthly Reflection Pages: We know that we should be reflecting on ourselves all the time, but it can be hard to remember! A reflection page follows each monthly spread, keeping you always striving to be your best and brightest self!
  • Daily Plans: The 30-minute intervals keep me on track. They also keep me from overscheduling myself (like I like to do). It’s so easy to block out time (and to see large blocks of wasted time)!

The Preppy Geek Planner

What I Like About It:

  • Customizable Weekly Spread: My all-time favorite planner had this feature and I still miss it! Type six different areas of your life (classes, kids, etc.) to keep everything on track each week!
  • Editable: Type in your own plans, use your own fonts, write your own reminders. There is just something more professional-looking about typing out your plans!
  • Printable: Some people don’t like planners that you print and bind yourself. However, I do because you put them in whatever order you want and eliminate pages you don’t need!
  • Bright Colors:It’s not hard to get me to spend my money… just show me some bright colors and I’m asking where to put my credit card information!

Of course, there are hundreds of academic planners out there! These are just the three that I found the most exciting (today)! I am always on the lookout for the best planners each season!
The more you plan, the more you achieve, right?! 🙂 

Any tips for finding planners? Do you have a favorite academic planner? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?