Trending: Mid-Semester Energizers

I cannot get enough of this station on Pandora.
This girl is gorge and she can sing.
Plus, her hair is awesome.

First of all, this name combines two of my favorite things in the world.
It makes me feel like I’m studying in a charming little cafe.
AND, if you stream it online, it’s free!

My Mid-Semester Diet.
This has basically been my lunch (and dinner) on nights when I have class.
Since hummus is oil-based, it can go a while without being refrigerated. 
And Naked drinks are lifesavers when there isn’t really time to eat.

 Strengthening Study Snack. 
(Bagel w/ Cream Cheese & Honey)
 Republic Coffee in Memphis serves this on their menu and it’s incredible. 
Honey is a superfood… bagels have carbs to replenish energy…
And cream cheese is just downright heavenly. 
Yogi Tea.
Mid-Term season always leaves me feeling more than a little run down.
This tea is organic and is the perfect little boost to keep going.
Plus, each tea bag comes with an inspirational message.

(like a steamy fortune cookie)


Trending: Oregon Wine Night

So, wine night is just the best. Good friends, great appetizers, chick music, and (of course) WINE!
This week we chose 7 bottles of wine from Oregon.
Each one was less than $15.
Here were the (my) faves:
(Click the name to find out more!)
Caprese Skewers. 
And I made Caprese bites which have nothing to do with Oregon… 
But they certainly are delicious! 
And easy. 

Such a fabulous way to end the week!

Trending: Farewell to Summer

Free People.
I got this dress at the end of summer last year for 75% off and I’m probably wearing it in every picture I’ve taken since then. Seriously.
Can I just say that Free People is one of my favorite stores? 
And that puppy was just the perfect accessory.

Reed’s Ginger Beer.
I had never even heard of this until my parents made me a cocktail with it over the summer.
It is nonalcoholic, organic ginger beer (they also have ginger ale).
Plus, the bottles are just adorable. 

Big Hair.
Recently, D and I were invited to do a fall fashion shoot for a local magazine. 
The colors were mostly black and red.
And this was my hair.
My favorite Pottery Barn catalog is the Halloween edition!
Its arrival in my mailbox is like Christmas morning.
Yay for Fall’s upcoming arrival!
Lana Del Rey.
Let me just say that,when it comes to music, we live under a hipster rock in this house.
I never even heard of Lana Del Rey until May (yes, this May).
I am definitely making up for lost time.